Caller Dashboard

extends and connects your PC and phone.

Caller Dashboard


Caller DashboardTM is a productivity app that seamlessly connects your phone and PC, bringing together caller data from phone, email, chat, and social networks into a central access point, so you can work smarter.

  • Convenience: Manage calls conveniently through your PC when your phone is out of reach in your pocket or purse.
  • Avoid disruptions: Discreetly reject phone calls or answer texts without disrupting meetings
  • Manage data: Share files quickly and easily via drag and drop. Access data across devices, or send notes to email.
  • Notifications: Respond to notifications for incoming phone calls & texts, and see aggregated info about your caller.


Caller Dashboard
  • Screen incoming calls and choose how to respond
  • Send and receive text messages through your PC
  • View interaction history, such as recent emails and documents exchanged with a specific person
  • Pull together phone contacts, call logs, and call & text history across devices

Caller Dashboard lets you decide how to answer an incoming call.

  • Respond with a customized text from your pc
  • Send the call to voicemail
  • Silence or reject the call
Caller Dashboard

Email, call, and chat timeline keeps you up-to-date with your contacts.

Caller Dashboard

Review files and share documents to make you more productive.

Caller Dashboard