Imagine, Build, Experience

At Tangor Guild we leverage deep user insight to define, design, and develop products that enrich people’s lives and create compelling human experiences. Tangor Guild’s latest application, Caller Dashboard, extends PCs and phones to help people connect with each other – so they can work smarter and faster.

Tangor Guild leverages deep user insight to define, design, and develop products that enrich people’s lives.

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Caller Dashboard
Caller Dashboard

What we do

Tangor Guild builds product experiences informed by real data from real people. We understand how people use products and applications, and we use that expertise and insight as our foundation for creating products and licensing technology to help you and your customers.

How we do it

We use the right tool for the right situation, working with all kinds of talent – from business analysts to interaction designers, to creatives, through prototyping, development and testing, shepherded all the way through with project and product management processes. You can expect world-class, enterprise-quality products from Tangor Guild.

Why we do it

We’re inspired to make products that help people have fun, connect with each other, and get more work done. We want to make it easy for you and your customers to build social relationships and maintain those relationships – personal and professional. Contact us to find out how our products can help you differentiate your platforms.

Global behavioral research with local impact

Caller Dashboard

At Tangor Guild, our vision and approach are based on a foundation of global user experience. We conduct studies and field tests across the world, with social scientists, ethnographers, and UX researchers. We don’t make anything until we know we have solid data to back up our design decisions.